Star Wars Cosplay Interview with John Martinez!


He could easily be the stand in for Haydn Christensen, He also passes for a Jedi Luke, it must be the family resemblance. He is a huge Star Wars fan but he has also cosplayed several other characters, such as Flynn Rider from Tangled, and is currently looking to catch Rogue’s eye as Gambit.
He is by far not just a pretty face. He is a dyed in the wool fan of everything Star Wars and his enthusiasm is contagious.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, where you are from and how you started cosplaying.

Well, I don’t know. Im from Argentina I don’t speak so well English but I LOVE cosplay I really like it because when I was a child my family give me every costume of super heroes and I like it, when I grow up I want to be in costume partys, but.. when I know the cosplay.. oh my god I touched the sky. I want to go to every country with a cosplay!

2. When did your love for Star Wars begin?

I think I love Star Wars forever. I was.. Ten when I go to the cinema to watch Revenge of the Sith, I love the character of Anakin the acting of Hayden Christensen. Then I finally think.. Star Wars is my life, its sound weird but really i love it like when I was a kid of..
5 years, but I don’t know that movie was “star wars” lol

3. What is one of your favorite Star Wars moments? It can be from any part of Star Wars.

I love the part of “I am your FATHER!” I really like the Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the sith, the duel of Anakin and obi wan ITS MY FAVORITE!

4. What is some of the media attention you have gotten from cosplaying?

Thanks the cosplay I go to the TV, the Radio, and the newspaper. With some friends

5. How did you get started cosplaying as Anakin? Did someone just tell you “Hey you look like Anakin.” or was it something you wanted to do?

When I saw Revenge of the Sith, OMG, I WANT TO BE ANAKIN I say, really lol, I was ten and I really want to be Anakin costume his character. Then when some friends tell me about cosplay I say, I need to be Anakin, then in a convention everyone love my characterization, my dream was fulfilled. It was something I really want to do.

6. Which version of Anakin is your favorite to cosplay?
My favorite Anakin cosplay it’s the one of Revenge of the Sith


7. There is a little movie called The Force Awakens coming out. Do you have any plans for December 18th?

Well here in Argentina will not be the 18, will be the 17! And I have my ticket and… Maybe… I will be a jedi or a sith in the cinema!

8. Do you think you will be cosplaying any Force Awakens characters?

MAYBE, I really, really, want to be KYLO REN, yeah! Cosplay spoiler, lol

9. What is one of your favorite Star Wars collectibles?

I love all the figures of Star Wars, I like it the Anakin figure also the Darth Vader and… and and.. Everyone, the black series are really nice and the new toys of Disney are better.

10. What is it like for you at conventions? I noticed the video of you as Luke matching Vader blow for blow as in Return of the Jedi, What other things have you done?

Well my dream was fight to Darth Vader and in that video I do it! Was so cool, really. The conventions here is to see friends, talk with people and see how the kids go crazy for your character, that all I need.

11. George Lucas replaced Sebastian Shaw in Return of the Jedi with Haydn in the Special Edition. A controversial change, what are your thoughts on the change?

I think was great that, because we saw more a hayden to be Anakin than Sebastian, I think was fine.

12. Describe what was going through your mind when you saw The Force Awakens trailer.

OMG… when I saw it.. I was screaming, I was so nervous, I WAS HAPPY!.

13. Why do you think Star Wars has such a global appeal?

Star Wars have EVERYTHING, have fight with saber, have blasters, have fight with spaceships, have anger, have love, have ALL! That why this is a perfect saga.

14. Tell us about acting, what have you done and what would you like to do?

I acted in some commercials, do short films, and be in theater.


15. When you are not Anakin (or another character) at a convention, what do you like to do there?

I love the Anakin Cosplay, but I have others, like Luke or Flynn also Punisher, but if I want to have “New” cosplay I want to be Edward Kenway of the Assassins creed IV

16. Haydn and yourself are quite attractive, how do you deal with…attention?

Deal? LOL, I don’t know, I don’t like the “ego” but I have a little. Thanks the cosplay I meet so much girls but Im not the bat ego person, lol, Anyway thank you.

17. What is something you are hoping to see in The Force Awakens? I can’t wait to see the battle on the ice planet Ryoome.

I want to see… LUKE SKYWALKER fighting Kylo Ren, but also the Starkiller Base in ACTION

18. What is Skywalker Colection Inc?

Skywalker Collection its…my collection of thinks, like edition, cosplay, acting, short films, videos, figures, and Skywalker was my nickname in the school, I created this when I was 13.

[b]19. Do you have any future photoshoots planned?[/b]
Tomorrow [the 6th] with some friend, we will have a Star Wars photoshoots… and in the future, I hope have some new with the Kylo cosplay.

20. Just for fun, if you had Jango or Boba Fett’s jet pack, what would you do with it?
– If I have the… jet pack of… Boba/Jango … mmm… I hope to not crash it, lol. But like Skywalker I love the idea to walk in to the sky


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