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Maid of Might has a huge passion for Star Wars. She also has a huge passion for Disney characters.
She brings to life the question, what if Disney characters inhabited the Star Wars universe, and vice versa.
Her latest creation A Tangled Mandalorian is a part of a larger project, the Disney Mandalorians. … =3&theater

The affable Jessica, aka Maid of Might was kind enough to answer some questions during this crazy Star Wars filled week.
She does many cosplays including Spider Gwen (see her Facebook page for all the awesomeness) but today we focus on Star Wars!
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1. What does Star Wars mean to you? How big of a part of your life was it before you cosplayed and after?

Star Wars is a humungous part of my life, it isn’t just a fandom, it is a lifestyle. It touches everything I do. I have been a Star Wars fan since before I can remember and my love has inspired my cosplays.

2. What was your first Star Wars experience? Toys? Movies? Comics? Books? Do tell.

I used to watch the movies over and over as a kid. We would hunt down Star Wars action figures until we had the whole collection, which I actually still own!

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3. What is one of your favorite Star Wars quotes?

The one I use most often is “May the Force be with you” but my favorite is Leia and Han saying “I love you.” and “I know”.

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4. How do you decide what elements to bring together to form a recognizable combination of a Disney princess and Leia?

To make a successful mash-up you need to bring the essential elements of both characters together. For Leia I do her iconic bikini and I use the wig, personality, and color scheme of whichever Disney princess I am portraying!

5. Are there any princesses on your scanners (that is rebel radar for the rest of y’all) that you have wanted to do but have not been able to for whatever reason?

I have tackled the majority of the characters I have wanted to do and each has had their difficulties, such as Rapunzel’s wig or Tinkerbell’s wings. The only other Disney character I’d like to do is Megara from Hercules but the challenge is definitely the wig.

6. What is a notable convention story that you would like to share?

I have had been very unfortunate to attend a lot of conventions and I’ve had such a positive response for my costumes! I was invited to speak at a Star Wars Mash-up panel at Star Wars Celebration this year and it was an awesome experience!

7. A serious question for a moment, When Disney announced that “Slave Leia” was no longer going to be represented in certain ways, what was your reaction to the news?

I can understand that some see Leia in the bikini as degrading but to tell the truth I have only ever seen her as badass and confident in the outfit. I find it unfortunate that a piece of Star Wars history is becoming essentially obsolete but will still thoroughly enjoy the outfit in my personal life!

8. What are you looking forward to most about The Force Awakens?

I am looking forward to the continuation of the story and seeing how the stories of my favorite classic characters have progressed!

9. Do you have any special plans regarding the release date? Any appearances etc?

I will not be attending the premiere in costume, I want nothing to distract me from the movie itself, maybe my third or fourth time seeing it!

10. What are some of the skills you have learned in the process of making outfits?

I have learned so much making these and brought in a lot of techniques! I have loved playing with different fabrics, embroideries and wig styling.

11. What are the difficulties you have come across in making the Leia costumes?

The only difficult parts have been overcoming some logistical issues such as “How do you attach wings to a bikini?”

12. Have you ever collaborated with other cosplayers to form a Star Wars group at a convention? Who?

Yes! Lots of talented cosplayers! I was just recently part of an amazing group of Disney Mandalorians lead by Amber Arden.

13. If Disney comes out with another Princess movie such as Moana, will you be doing a Leia version or does the character have to speak to you for you to want to do a version of her?

I only cosplay characters I completely and utterly love. I will never cosplay something just because it is popular. I only have a limited amount of time, money, and energy to devote to cosplay and therefore I only pick characters that are close to my heart.

14. Have you ever wanted to cosplay as any other Star Wars characters? What is it about Leia that appeals to you?

I definitely have other characters on my list, but Leia is my absolute favorite. She has always been a strong powerful female role model and one of my favorite characters of all time.

15. Why do you think Star Wars has such a vast appeal?

It has a lot of relatable characters. Paired with action and lightsabers, it makes for a really exciting experience that anyone can be a fan of.

16. What is in the future for Maid of Might?

So very much! I plan to attend many conventions and expand my cosplay horizons and Star Wars and beyond. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what plans I have in store!

17. If you woke up one day and Boba Fett’s jetpack was sitting in your backyard, what would you do with it?

Take it for a ride and then sell it on eBay for cosplay materials. Ha ha!!

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