Star Wars Darth Maul Life Size Bust By Sideshow!

We have exciting news to report today as Sideshow has opened up pre-orders for their new Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – Darth Maul Life Size BustDarth Maul stands 27″ tall and includes a fabric robe, with a hood that can be displayed up or down. The bust itself is constructed in fiberglass and has a themed base. The price will be $1,150. Check out more details and photos for this offering below and follow the link below to get your pre-order in!

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – Darth Maul Life Size Bust – CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS!

Sideshow is proud to present the Darth Maul Life-Size Bust, joining your galaxy of Star Wars collectibles.

The Darth Maul Life-Size Bust measures a menacing 27” tall, on top of a sleek black base that matches with our other Star Wars collectible busts. The Dathomirian Sith is sculpted with a sinister scowl and an incredibly rendered likeness, painted with his iconic facial markings in red and black. His fiery red eyes capture the intensity of this ruthless villain, while his Zabrak horns complete his intimidating look.

The Darth Maul Life-Size Bust is crafted from fiberglass and also includes a fabric inner robe and hood, which can be displayed up or down over Maul’s head, giving you an additional display option for presenting this piece in your home.

Bring your Star Wars collection to the Dark Side and order the Darth Maul Life-Size Bust today!

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