‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Teaser: The Siege Of Lothal!


I bet you are just about ready for DisneyXD’s Star Wars Rebels to get rolling on season 2 right? Well if you are, today we have a little tease to wet your appetite until it kicks off Check out the new teaser, ‘The Siege of Lothal‘ below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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Star Wars Rebels had a lot to prove from the moment it premiered. Not only was it a follow-up to the beloved Clone Wars series, it was also one of the first new Star Wars properties released after Disney had bought Lucasfilm. The series was tasked with having to live up to its predecessor, and also prove that Star Wars wouldn’t be a changed world now that it lived under the House of Mouse. For a freshman season of an animated series too – it ended up doing pretty well, with a large majority of it receiving positive reactions from the fans.

The season managed to end on a high-note as well, with audiences getting their first glimpse at Darth Vader in-person in the series, as he walked ominously towards the camera – promising to provide a much darker and more powerful antagonist in the second season. The first teaser for this summer’s follow-up season focused heavily on Vader’s presence too, including a confrontation between the iconic villain, Kanan, and Ezra that didn’t look to be going well for the Jedi duo.

Disney XD has released a new 30-second promo (see above) for the hour-long premiere episode of Rebels season 2, titled “The Siege of Lothal”. The promo contains new glimpses at the kind of destruction that will be coming to Ezra’s home planet this season, as Darth Vader and the Empire punish its citizens for the Rebels’ actions. The sudden siege on Lothal, as well as Vader’s strong presence will most likely lead to the crew of the Ghost looking for new ways to fight back against the Empire as the Rebel war begins to take form.

While the first season of Rebels managed to be a much more playful and lighter season than some fans may have liked, there were moments scattered throughout that showed the series’ capability to go down much darker roads than viewers may have expected. If the trailers and footage released for this upcoming season are any indication too, then it looks like season 2 of Star Wars Rebels may end up being a much more somber season than audiences are prepared for.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Teaser Kanan vs. Darth Vader Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Teaser: The Siege of Lothal

Whether or not the season will, in fact, end up being as dark as some of the footage has hinted at – is still unknown though. However, considering the way The Clone Wars managed to grow progressively darker the longer it went on, as well as the contrast between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back – it seems all the more likely that Rebels will follow the same kind of pattern.

Taking into account some of the fan speculation already running around online regarding what might happen to Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) this season, as well as the large number of possible cameos that could take place the further into the Rebellion the series goes – season 2 of Rebels has a countless number of directions it could take. It looks like Dave Filoni (, Simon Kinberg, and the rest of the Rebels team have some big plans for this series’ future moving forward though, and it looks like fans are just going to have to sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Star Wars Rebels season two is set to premiere with an hour-long episode titled, “The Siege of Lothal”, on June 20th at 9/8c on Disney XD.


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