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Street Fighter V ‘Chun-Li’ Statue by Prime 1 Studio!

Prime 1 Studio has opened pre-orders for their stunning new Street Fighter V – Chun-Li 1/4 Scale Bonus Edition Statue. Chun Li stands 30″ inches tall and is surrounded by an energy effect based on her Critical Art move, and will include a standard portrait and a bonus winking portrait. Priced at $949, this offering is slated for release between November 2022 and February 2023. Check out the photos, pre-order link and more details below and share your thoughts!

Premium Masterline Street Fighter V Chun-Li Bonus Version

At 30 inches, Chun-Li is as ravishing as she is deadly: her Critical Art bar is fully charged, and she looks ready to release her onslaught! Our passionate sculptors and painters have played hours upon hours of Street Fighter V to study, get familiar with, and be inspired by this combat legend. You will do a double take as you inspect her blue and gold qipao to see if it is actually fabric or sculpted to realistic perfection by Prime 1 Studio! From her “ox-horns” hairstyle, to her leather-like boxing boots, you will be amazed by the amount of detail we have sculpted into this amazing statue. Likewise, we have referenced her original Street Fighter V art to bring her truest colors to light. This is most evident in her gold accents, the true blue of her qipao, and her game-accurate portrait!

Speaking of which, the Bonus Version comes with an additional swappable portrait, portraying a winking Chun-Li, as if to say, “Don’t hold a grudge, okay?” as she proceeds to pound you into smithereens with her signature special attack Hyakuretsukyaku!

Chun-Li, surrounded by her Critical Art energy, is poised to do some damage atop a China Stage-themed base, complete with a demolished neon sign, Chinese lanterns, and realistic rubble! You can display her fighting against Prime 1 Studio’s PMSFV-01 Akuma or PMSFV-02 Ryu!

Arguably, Chun-Li is everybody’s favorite Street Fighter character. And this is your chance to bring her home today!

– Street Fighter V Bustling Side Street China Stage-themed base
– One (1) Swappable Standard Portrait
– One (1) Swappable Winking Portrait [BONUS PART]


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