Structo Trucks – Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone, I’m Train and today I’m going off the rails, way off the rails. Back before our parents and probably most of our grandparents were even born. In the early 1900s toys were not an easy come by. The Structo Company specialized in making toy trucks. They made everything from Jeep’s to cranes and Corvettes to fire trucks. Growing up in the eighties my grandfather had a dump truck.

This was really cool because it had a real hydraulic piston that could dump a load of dirt with a pull of a lever. Back in the mid 2000s I saw a Structo Jeep at the local flea market and I remember the nostalgia and connection of the jeep to the dump truck and my childhood. Times were tough back then and I remember digging up change from under my seat to get enough money to buy it. Luckily the seller had some sympathy and saw that I really wanted it and let it go for what I had scrounged up. I found another one years later and keep them around for many reasons.

They actually don’t look too bad with 6 inch figures in them. So here we are some 100 years later and these Structo trucks are still relevant and useful if you are looking for a vehicle for you 6 inch line. Who has or had a Structo vehicle at some point? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back on my reviews and stories and stay on the rails right here with the crazy Train.


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