THE POP EXPOSE – A Look at Legendary Voice Actor John DiMaggio!

Hello everyone! John DiMaggio born in 1968 in New Jersey is an American voice actor best known for his roll as Bender on Futurama. DiMaggio started out doing various voices for shows like “The Head”, Johnny Bravo, and “The Powerpuff Girls”. In 1999 he got the roll for Bender and things took off. DiMaggio would go on to have rolls in several animated shows like Jake from “Adventure Time”, General Grievous from the 2003 Star Wars Clone Wars, Rico in “The Penguins of Madagascar” and Glenn Dolphman in “Inside Job”.…

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THE POP EXPOSE – The Exciting Career of Voice Actor Neil Ross!

Hello everyone! Today I’m checking out one of the great voice actors of our time Neil Ross. Ross started out in radio and once left his gig in Idaho and took a radio job in Hawaii for $400 per month. Ross was also the announcer for the popular game show Press Your Luck where he also did the sound for the little Whammy guy cartoon who would dance across the tv screen and take all your money. If you have never watched this show find a clip of it. Ross…

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