The POP-EXPOSE ‘Snow Day’ by Mitchell Smith!

  I know there are some of you who don’t really get snow or maybe get a little and it’s gone in a day. Here in northern and Central New York though, snow is a common occurrence and normally we are dealing with lots of it this time of the year. They even made a movie about Syracuse (my current city) called Snow Day with Chevy Chase, John Schneider, Josh Peck and Chris Elliott. There was also a guest appearance by Iggy Pop. Those who have not had the pleasure…

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New Trailer for ‘Vacation’ Reboot movie is Here!

One of the most iconic summer movies of all time is National Lampoons Vacation with Chevy Chase. Now the next generation is getting their own rendition of the film staring ‘Hangover‘ alum, Ed Helms. Check out the new trailer for the film below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: Screencrush) What at first seemed like a silly idea for a reboot/sequel has already proven itself as incredibly promising with just a couple of trailers — a new trailer for Vacation has arrived, and it’s just as funny as…

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