2011: A Golden Year for Joe Fans – Exploring Iconic Figures and Exclusive Releases

Story by Mitchell Smith Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look back at G.I. Joe 2011 as a whole. This was a great year. Anybody who enjoyed the 25th style Joe from the past few years was happy to see more waves and more characters they grew up with. It was a great time to be a Joe fan and a great time to build new fans for the future. We got some Pursuit of Cobra, 30th Anniversary, Slaughters Marauders, Noks, and one of my favorite characters I…

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Serpentorslair’s Top 50 Cobra Viper Figures of All Time Selected by YOU!

Serpentorslair members and friends have spent the past several months voting and discussing which figures in the Pantheon of the G.I.Joe Universe are the best Cobra Vipers. We have finally determined the top 50 figures, and it was not an easy task to put it mildly. It turns out that the biggest debate centered around whether Alley Viper, Night Viper or the original 1986 Cobra Viper was the best of all. In the end, Night Viper won out as the top Viper figure. Below we have a pictorial representation of…

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