“Every Other Spider-Man Ever” is COMING!

“Iron Spider-Man (along with any Spider-man costume change he’s had throughout the years) returns in a new comic arc by Dan Slott! Amazing Spider-Man will headline the arc in November 2014 where Marvel has teased that Spider-Man will battle Morlun with the help of “Every Other Spider-Man Ever” incuding the likes of Spider-Ham and the originalScarlet Spider. That’s quite the ambitious roster, but I’m always happy to see some more Iron Spidey!” Share your thoughts after the JUMP! Story Courtesy of Serpentorslair Staffer SCYTHE (Source: Comicbookresource.com) This past Friday, Marvel teased “Every Single One” will join Spider-Man for an upcoming story, along with a mostly silhouetted…

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Marvel adds new Layers to the History of Spider-Man!

Dan Slott lets the cat out of the bag on how he plans on building on the Lore and history of The Amazing Spider-Man with the return of Peter Parker to the Comic Book this spring. For more on this check out the article below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: yahoo.com) Dan Slott, who has been writing Spider-Man for Marvel since 2008, said the new story not only pays homage to the first 1962 appearance of the Stan Lee and Steve Ditko-created character, but peels back more layers of what was going…

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