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CODE NAME: NEW2VERO2 Reviews New Walmart Exclusive ‘Transformers G1 Cassette Reissues’!

Hello Friends, today’s video is a basic overview of the new Walmart Exclusive Transformers GI Cassette Reissues. When viewing help fellow collectors out and call out IF your looking for one and let them know what state you scored or did NOT score one for yourself in. You will see why when viewing. Also, we talk about the whole Rumble/Frenzy confusion. I’m on Team Blue = Rumble! That is his color on Sunbow show damn it.. lol. Check out the video below, then MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and…

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The Strange History of Your Favorite Transformers Characters!

There are a lot of young Transformers fans out there who became fans long after the 1980’s passed. Many of whom do not know the rich history behind one of the most successful toy lines of all time. Today we have this great article to share with you from DenofGeek.com which takes a look at how some of your favorite Transformers Characters came to exist. Hopefully this will be a little education for some and a trip down memory lane for others. Check out the article below and share your…

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Transformers G1 Cartoon Producer and Season 5 Writer Roger Slifer Passes Away!

Writer Roger Slifer who is responsible for much of the G1 Transformers Cartoon’s creation as well as the co-creation of DC Comics character, ‘Lobo‘, passed away Yesterday. For more details check out the story below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: tformers.com) Paul Dini has tweeted that writer and producer Roger Slifer has died of injuries sustained in a hit-and-run accident in 2012. Slifer, credited as an associate producer on Seasons 2 and 3 of the G1 cartoon and associate story consultant, also wrote the live-action segments featuring…

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