Serpentorslair G.I.Joe Essay Contest: ‘Recondo’ by YorktownJoe!

Today’s Essay was the second place finisher in the Serpentorslair Essay Contest. The title is ‘Recondo‘ and the author is Serpentorslair member Yorktownjoe! Be sure and make the JUMP and let him know how much we appreciate his work! Wheaton, WI February (several years in the past) Mrs. LeClaire asked her son “Why don’t you bundle up and go out and play in the snow with the other boys, Daniel?” “It’s too cold outside, Mom! Last time I was out Bobby hit me in the face with a snowball.” Daniel…

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Serpentorslair G.I.Joe Essay Contest Winner ‘The Odd-Ventures of Vintage Joe’!

Today we are sharing the first place winner of the Serpentorslair G.I.Joe Essay Contest, ‘Icecreamman‘. Please take the time to read his essay below, then make the JUMP to the forum and let him know how much we appreciate his work! THE ODD-VENTURES OF VINTAGE JOE (Based on a true story) They call me Duke. I was among the early 3.75” G.I. Joe action figures produced in the early 80’s but I was not the first to reside in our keeper’s display cabinet, which was a actually a clothes cabinet.…

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