Transformers Decepticons Specialists Set Revealed!

If you are a Decepticon fan this is a must have set for you. Included in this awesome offering are Transformers Classics Astrotrain, Universe Galvatron 2.0 and Tankor 2.0. Check out all the details on this stunning set below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: Transformers Asia have updated their site with new images of the Decepticons Specialist set. See the of three including the Classics Astrotrain, Universe 2.0 Galvatron, and Universe 2.0 Tankor / Octane figures. Much like the Autobots set, these figures feature new metallic-like color schemes different from their original…

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Transformers Generations: Deluxe 2014 Wave 3 “Ratrap, Tankor,Crosscut!

Today we have the official images of the Transformers Generations Deluxe Wave 3 figures for 2014. This wave includes, Ratrap, Tankor and Crosscut. Check out the images below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: Following the members-exclusive early preview in the latest TFCC magazine, the official Transformers Facebook page has posted high-res photos of the three upcoming Generations Deluxes. Now with greater clarity and detail we can see the bomb and storage compartment in Rattrap’s left forearm, along with our first “official” looks at Crosscut with new face sculpt and Tankor, heavily taking…

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