Discovering the BBK 1/6 Scale Scarlett: A Collector’s Journey with GI Joe’s Iconic Heroine

Welcome to the Outpost. As most of you may know my first GI Joes were the 12 inch Joes. I have enjoyed being able to hunt down many of the ARAH style Joes and one that has always left a void is Scarlett . I even made a crude but likable custom Scarlett. The other day I stumbled upon a 1/6 scale Scarlett by BBK. It is the first time I have heard of this company but since it was on Amazon I ordered one to add to my collection.…

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G.I. Joe Classified G.I.Joe 

Unveiling the Iconic Jodie ‘Shooter’ Craig: A Nostalgic Journey into Action Figure Lore

Story by Mitchell Smith Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at the new G.I. Joe Classified Shooter. This is a solid figure. I like the idea they got this character from the original concepts, but Shooter never became a character and was said to be a prank back in the day. She is a nice throwback to the original 13 and would have been cool but I believe they stopped at 13 to honor the 13 stripes on the Flag. Any hoot I did not get my…

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Serpentor's Lair