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Megatron’s Resonance: Unraveling the Legacy of the Iconic 1980s Sunbow Cartoon Villain and Voice Maestro Frank Welker

In the vibrant landscape of 1980s animated television, few characters cast as long and influential a shadow as Megatron, the nefarious Decepticon leader from the Sunbow-produced Transformers series. Voiced by the incomparable Frank Welker, Megatron emerged as an emblematic villain whose impact transcends decades and continues to captivate audiences in 2024. Welker’s portrayal of Megatron was nothing short of iconic, etching the character into the annals of pop culture history. The deep, resonant voice that Welker lent to Megatron became synonymous with the character’s cunning, power-hungry persona. Welker’s ability to…

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Transformers Legacy A Hero is Born: Alpha Trion & Orion Pax!

The founders of the Autobots are back with two very cool cartoon accurate figures. Hasbro has released official images of the new Transformers Legacy A Hero is Born: Alpha Trion & Orion Pax 2-Pack. The two-pack is set to release November 1 and it will be available to pre-order exclusively at Hasbro Pulse for $66.99. Will you be adding this set to your collection? Sound off below and let us know! Transformers Legacy A Hero is Born: Alpha Trion & Orion Pax! 

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