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“Riding the Nostalgic Rails: Exploring the Marvels of Marx Brand Old West 12 Inch Figures”

Hello everyone, today I’m going off the rails with Marx brand Old West 12 inch figures. The Louis Marx co was founded in 1919 and closed its doors in 1980. They made tons of toys over the years including toy train, trucks, and figurines. One of their hottest lines was the Johnny West line. Growing up my grandparents had a Johnny West, Geronimo, General George Custer, and 2 horses. The one lost his tail. These were made with high quality plastic and were highly articulated. The head and hands were…

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Realm of Eternia - Masters of the Universe 

“Exploring Rare Masters of the Universe Concept Art and Unproduced Figures with ToyKennections! Dive into the Exclusive Showcase with Ken – Don’t Miss Out!”

Today Ken from ToyKennections gives us a look at some of the rare Masters of the Universe Concept art and unproduced figures! Check out the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments. As always be sure to subscribe to ToyKennections channel on YouTube for all of Ken’s latest videos!

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Serpentor's Lair