New Dreaknok Decals from Galactic Plastics!

Latest Offerings from Serpentorslair Sponsor PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE! DREADNOKS CUSTOM DECAL AND TATTOO COMBO PACK $13.00 (purchased separately $14.50) Includes one CDS-020 – DREADNOCKS – COLDSLITHER 1 decal half sheet (Dreadnok MC back patches, Nok Nation flags, Dreadnoks license plates, posters, and Dreadnok/ Coldslither t-shirt images) and one CDS-021- DREADNOK TATTOO SET 1 tattoo decal quarter sheet. Shipping is $3 in the US for 1st Class (for up to 5 full sheets) FREE SHIPPING 1ST CLASS ON ALL ORDERS MORE THAN 5 FULL SHEETS! FASTER SHIPPING AND INTERNATIONAL…

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Serpentor’s Lair Exclusive Custom Decal Sheets Available for Order Now!

From the Desk of Galactic Plastics! We are very proud to be part of this joint project with Serpentor’s Lair and to be able to offer these sheet’s exclusively through The Lair! These sheets would be great for Vehicles, Action figure Chest logo’s or even action figure Sleeve logos. So get your order in at the link below! PLACE ORDER HERE! OR VIA DIRECT EMAIL!

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