The Legend of Zelda 1986 Edition – Story by Mitchell Smith!

1986 Zelda I had a chance to play one of my favorite video games from my childhood the other day. Zelda was a great game back in 1986 and pretty sure it consumed the better part of my summer of 1987. The Nintendo was relatively still new and Super Mario was a great game that everyone had because it came with the console so, when Zelda came out it gave a whole new dynamic to the NES. You could save your progress on Zelda not like Mario where once you…

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World of Nintendo Shadow Link 4-Inch Action Figure!

World of Nintendo Shadow Link 4-Inch Action Figure – CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS! Hot Off the Truck – 3/23/2017 Price: $19.99 According to Hyrule Historia, the evil remnants of Ganondorf remain locked within the Dark Mirror after his defeat during Twilight Princess. His wicked thoughts and harbored animosity form a twisted, dark version of Link known as Shadow Link. With glowing eyes, Shadow Link is equipped with the same abilities as Link making him a formidable opponent. Standing 4-inches tall, this World of Nintendo Shadow Link Action Figure features…

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Nintendo is bringing back the Classic NES!

We have some exciting news today for people like myself who are fans of playing Vintage NES games. This November Nintendo is bringing back the classic NES system. This time it will be in compact size with 30 classic games already built in. Everything from Super Mario Brothers to Zelda. And, the best part is this new console will connect to your new TV via HDMI cable. The system will cost $59.99 and will include one controller. You can purchase additional controllers for $9.99.  Are you going to be picking…

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