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Battle Force 2000

In 1987 the year 2000 looked quite a ways off, now it looks quite a ways behind. Never the less, the Battle Force 2000 figures, vehicles, and the battle station that they could combine to make was quite a concept and if any one has ever had all the pieces it does form a neat little base.

As a kid I only had one vehicle and no Figures. The Dominator was a pretty cool vehicle. I got hours of playtime and enjoyment out of it but it wasn’t till some 28 years later I was able to see what the Battle Station looked like as a whole. After a little scrubbing I was able to build the Battle Force 2000 mobile base for the first time. The Dominator, Vector, Vindicator, Marauder, 2 Sky Sweepers, but missed out on the Eliminator. The Second Sky Sweeper was kind of a nice grab though as I rounded out the other side of the station with the vertical gun that fit in the Dominator’s wall. I also was able to get the Pulverizer which didn’t actually fit into the Battle Station. I was also able to find Avalanche, Dodger, Blocker, and 2 Mavricks. DeeJay was also a Battle Force 2000 figures and I still had him from my childhood one of the few I still have.

All in all I like the concept of the vehicles forming a Battle Station. This was a real cool concept back in the G.I.Joe hey day of inventing vehicles and characters. This was kind of the breaking point for G.I.Joe, when they got away from conventional style vehicles and started making futuristic type of vehicles. I feel this was the peak year for Joe and even though they created lots off cool figures and characters, that it was coming down the hill as far as vintage joes and the creation of new characters and vehicles goes.

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