THE POP EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe 1985 Vehicles’ By Mitchell Smith!

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1985 was one of the best years for G.I.Joe vehicles and play sets. The Flagg, Mauler, and Snow Cat were just a few of the great vehicles from this year, but there were a ton of small vehicles as well. The Silver Mirage sold for $3.29 and was worth every penny. I loved this as a kid. It was pretty simple but is one of my favorite Joe bikes. You could use it with or without the side car and, it created hours of fun. Cobra also got a cool vehicle in the Ferret. Another simple vehicle but it really stood out with its red side and front gun and missiles on each foot peg. 

The Night Landing was another great vehicle that created hours of fun. A small raft that cold hold many great figures in a water assault on G.I. Joe. Retailing at $2.77 this was most likely one boat every kid had. The G.I.Joe Check Point was small but packed with accessories and could hold many Joes to spot any incoming threats. This is one I did not own as a kid, but even when I got it after I started collecting it was a very cool piece to have and stood up to me as one of the all time great play sets.

Last but not least was the Cobra Bunker. There was nothing flashy about the bunker but this provided cover for your favorite cobra and was kind of the first Cobra base that G.I Joe issued. Although it was small compared to the G.I.Joe base and the later Terror Drome, this play set packed in hours of fun and gave the Enemy a place to rest and hide out when they weren’t causing trouble. Although there were many other great vehicles this year and tones of great figures these are a few of my all time favorites.

Which G.I.Joe vehicles from 1985 are your favorites? Sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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