THE POP-EXPOSE ‘GI Joe Mobile Command Center’ by Mitchell Smith!

1987 Mobile Command Center

GI Joe has had some awesome play sets such as the Flagg and the Terror Drome, but one of the most overlooked large play set vehicles is the 1987 Mobile Command Center. I had the privilege of getting one of these for Christmas and this really was a very nice vehicle. The first thing that I love about this vehicle is its likeliness to the Jawa’s Sand Crawler (Another awesome vehicle for another story). It came with the driver Steam Roller a really cool looking badass dude.

The cockpit held 3 figures, and there were 3 levels to this large tracked vehicle. The 3 levels folded out to create a 3 level base that was connected by a set of stairs or an elevator that 1 figure could ride to the top. The bottom level was a vehicle service bay and fuel station. Equipped to service the 1985 Awe Striker best, but not limited to it, and even had a replacement engine that could be swapped out with the hydraulic hoist arm. The second level command bay had a lot going on. There was the communication and radar portion, a resting bay with 2 beds and a neat little prison cell that would slide up to put your Cobra capture in and slide back down to lock him up. The top level missile bay was the firepower and helicopter landing pad.


All 3 tiers would then close up and everything would be concealed inside the vehicle for the protection from any Cobra attacks. One of the most remarkable things about this vehicle is that it only retailed at $35.00. You can’t even get a modern figure for that. Those were the good old days though. I hope you have had a chance to check this vehicle out first hand because this is one of the best play sets in the G.I. Joe lineup. What do you think about the G.I.Joe Mobile Command Center? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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