The POP-EXPOSE ‘My First Hot Wheels Playset’!


The year was 1983, and as a child I had come to expect there would not be a lot of toys at Christmas, but this year was different. 1983 was going to be the year I got what was one of the best Christmas gifts of my entire childhood, the Hot Wheels Service Center Playset. Outside of building your own massive Hot Wheels Orange Track, I feel that too this day, this is the most cool playset that Mattel has produced for Hot Wheels. I know as a kid, I spent hours upon hours playing with it. Now, as an adult, I was able to track down one of these sets at a garage sale. I was thinking at the time, what will i ever do with this thing now, my kids are all older and would not appreciate it, and it will just take up space. That was the case until this year, when I decided that a fun hobby to jump back in as an adult would be Hot Wheels collecting. And now I have, what was the gem of my childhood collection to be the center piece of my adult collection.
Did you collect or play with Hot Wheels when you were a child? Do you collect them now? If so, we would love to read about your experiences with the hobby. Be sure and share them with us AFTER THE JUMP!

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