THE POP EXPOSE – Rachel Robinson!

Story By Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone, today I’m checking out a remarkable woman who has flown under the radar for years. Rachel Robinson has been 50 years without her love Jackie Robinson, the legendary Brooklyn Dodger who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Jackie passed away in 1972 at the age of 53. Although the man died way too young the legend still lives today. Rachel who turns 100 on July 19th has lived and helped keep his legacy going forward.

I wise person once said behind every good man is a great woman. Rachel was a nurse at the time Jackie was battling racism by fans and ball players a like. She was a rock and pushed him to be strong and see the greater cause of him being able to use his baseball talent at the highest level.

Rachel achieved several levels of nursing including, psychiatric nursing, assistant professor of nursing at Yale, and Director of Nursing at the Connecticut Mental Health Center. She is a remarkable women and endured so much trough trying times.


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