THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Tony Dow!

Hello everyone, today we remember Tony Dow. Dow played Wally Cleaver in the classic TV show Leave it to Beaver. A show I grew up with but most younger kids have probably never watched a full episode of the show. The first episode aired in 1957 and ran through 1963. Wally was the level headed teen who tried to keep The Beaver, his younger brother played by Jerry Mathers, out of trouble.

Dow was born in 1945 in LA. Dow was actually a diver in his youth and was a Junior Olympic champion. Dow who had very little acting experience proved to have some natural skills as he landed the part of Wally Cleaver. Although this single show cemented his name in Hollywood, Dow would make some appearances throughout his life on shows like My Three Sons, Knight Rider, and Murder She Wrote. Dow also dabbled a bit in writing, producing, and Directing.

Dow is described by loved ones as a kind and generous man. Much like his character Wally Cleaver. Maybe he got that part because he wasn’t acting, he was Wally. For those growing up in my time we watched reruns on cable and grew up with Wally being our older brother, trying to keep us out of trouble. Dow’s legacy will forever be a part of a simpler time and he will be remembered for years to come as his character and that one faithful show are still entertaining today. Rest In Peace Mr. Dow.


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