The POP-EXPOSE ‘Star Brigade’ by Mitchell Smith!


The POP-EXPOSE – G.I.Joe Star Brigade

The GI Joe Star Brigade was introduced in 1993 and ended in 1994. Various figures good and bad were dressed in space uniforms. The line was aimed for Joes to protect the universe. This was a long line of Semi- non military sub groups I guess aimed to please parents that did not want their children playing with military based toys, or perhaps they were trying to hop on the success of Star Wars. Either way they were heading in the right direction but , with just 4 vehicles and 20 or so figures, I thought the space race for GI Joe fell short. This could have been a longer and more expanded universe. They could have made a space station similar to the Battle Force 2000, where you would have to get each individual pc to complete one space station.

They could have made a Joe and Cobra space station. There could have been rovers and various small shuttles that would fit together to make one space station. There still is time and the space race is just starting to roll in real life, so maybe this is how Hasbro can re-launch GI Joe and slingshot into the future with new characters and vehicles. They made an attempt on creating some sort of alien creatures for the Star Brigade to battle, but I think they could develop a more human like alien and have them join the Joe and Cobra team.

The alien race could mirror Earth and the space race would be on. They could create a nice balance of existing characters and new characters. How about start with Space Shot, Effects, Payload, and Hardtop. This would move GI Joe out of a military based toy if that is what they so desire and resurge the franchise for kids and adults alike. They only other thing I can say about this sub group is they have a really cool logo. I’d love to see the Star Brigade at a retail price and get GI Joe back into the mainstream.

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