The POP-EXPOSE ‘Valentines Day’ by Mitchell Smith’!

This week with Valentines Day coming up, I’m telling my personal story of Destiny and the unlikely events that lead me to my sole mate. Some may believe that there is no higher power with a hand in what we do or where we are going, but I beg to differ. June 23rd 1975 I entered this world. It was a beautiful Monday with no rain and high temp of 88 degrees. I was born in the heart of the Adirondack mountains. When I started school I was very shy and even though my classroom was small it was hard for me to make friends. I suffered from sever asthma so it was common for me to miss school days. It finally caught up to me in third grade, I was held back. I can’t quite remember how I felt that year about repeating third grade, but it was quit essential to where I am today. Fast forward to 11th grade. Past struggles of missing school still plagued me. My grades where not great and testing was even bigger nightmare for me.

Coming from a family where my parents, grandparents, siblings , and many other relatives had never attended college, some had been in the military, and nobody was pushing me to go to college or join the military. Guess they all thought I might just stay a kid forever or maybe they were just giving me the freedom to create my own future. Either way it was my English teach that year that made our class apply to Scholarships, tons of them, and she got college apps for anyone that wasn’t already applying. So I applied to 3 SUNY colleges and got accepted to them all, and I could have went north, south, or west and I chose North to SUNY Canton up near the Canadian border. All my childhood problems of meeting new people came back to me my first semester. I was a lone soldier. Sure I went out to parties and interacted with people, but I still didn’t quite fit in. Now I did have one of my high school friends that went to Canton as well and he lived right around the corner from me in the dorms, but we didn’t hang out much. So I did a lot of venturing on my own that semester. Little did I know the plan was already falling into place right under my nose. 1 of my roommates and 2 guys next door were pledging one of the 3 fraternities on campus Zeta Alpha Phi.

I had been to the TG and DK house and even been rushed by them, but oddly enough I had never visited the ZAP house. In the early days of January of 1995, my roommate moved out of the dorms and into the frat house. He convinced me that I should pledge and long story short I did. It was a small class I pledged with 4 guys. I settled in and made friends. One of my pledge brother’s close friends in particular, Patti. She was a Pi Nu who just happened to be the sisters of our arch enemy the TGs, but we were in a lax time in the late 90s so we all hung out and partied together and didn’t get into to much trouble. In fall 1995 my frat ended up getting suspended and had to do numerous hours of community service for a fight that happened back before I even started Canton, and everyone that was involved had already graduated as it was a 2 year school, so we were paying for the crime that the organization committed, not the crimes we had committed. Not much fun painting the school barn at 7:00 AM Saturday morning in 35 degree weather. So anyhow time moves on.

Quick back story on my wife. Coincidently born a week before the original Star Wars was released, 200 miles south west of where I grew up. A city girl who decided to go to rural Canton in Fall 1995. I’m not sure who put her up to it, I guess I have never asked her, but she pledged Pi Nu the sisters of the Frat of our arch enemy. It was West Side Story in the making, but like I said we were in a peaceful time. So in early January Patti mentioned there was a girl in the new class that pledged in the fall and said she would be perfect for me. Flash back to third grade had I not failed I would have went to Canton in 93 and graduated in 95. I would have had different roommates in college and might have never pledged and I probably wouldn’t have been friends with Patti, and would not have met my wife. It would have been a ripple in time and my life would have unfolded very differently.

As things fell into place for me, we hit it off and have been together ever since. So this year I will celebrate my 21st Valentine’s day with her. I have been through many ups and downs in my lifetime, but I have never felt more safe then when she is by my side. Luck, pursuit , or destiny. Are we just randomly walking through life, is everything we get just taken, or is there some higher power guiding us through life making sure we end up in the right place at the right time? Hard to say for sure, but my whole life has fallen into unbelievable fortunes of good luck. So I’ll make my choice, what’s yours? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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