The Syndicate presents: April Annihilation Customs Contest!

The Following Custom’s Contest Brought to you by The Syndicate Customs!
Welcome to the Annihilation!!!

An as of yet unnamed omnipotent entity has put together the greatest battle in the solar system. After scouring the nearby planets of this solar system, it has found only one inhabited planet, Earth. Slightly disappointed by the singular life sustaining planet, it continues with its plans, and transports 16 of the greatest and most dangerous individuals on Earth. The individuals come from a variety of backgrounds from military to criminal, each bringing to the table their own skill set and situational versatility. The battle takes place on a neutral planetoid far outside the solar system of the Earth, and the combatants know not what is in store. They are only told that the winner shall be showered with untold riches and accolades, and if they so wish it be transported back to their planet.

Who will win? What will they do with this victory? Could the Entity have some other plan up its sleeve…

Rules and information:
This is a custom elimination battle contest.
SIngle elimination.
16 custom bracket running every week until the winner is crowned at the end of April( 8 battles week 1, 4 week 2, 2 week 3, and 1 week 4)
Voting is open to any OG13 member in good standing with at least 100 posts as of 3/6/2014.
Entries are open for the first 16 members of good standing( no post minimum to enter, you are allowed a bye on the voting minimum if you have entered a custom).
Entries must be of a new and never before seen custom. These can be Joe characters or not.
ENTRIES ARE ANONYMOUS and should be PM’d to ska_lives or TheVP. prior to March 31st.
One entry per customizer(no deck stacking)
Maximum of 3 images per custom.
Try to keep customizer identities masked, trademark tricks should be avoided in regards to photos.
Does not have to be plain background.

Exclusions: YOu may not create the following – Superheroes/ villains, any character with super human abilities, mechs, biomechanical enhancements, mutants, etc. This is a human only tourney.

Combatants are allowed the use of any small arm and martial weapon. No heavy weapons (large machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, etc.)
Character designs may have grenades and such on them, but they will be deemed non-functional.
Myself and TheVP are only allowed to enter customs if the 16 person minimum is not met. If our customs were to be victorious the prizes would be PIF’ed to the next Runner-Up and so on.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place get prizes.
Voting requirements( so we dont have favoritism) and criteria:
1. Originality – is it new, a rehash, or a total re-imagining
2. Quality – paint apps, sculpting, etc.
3. Relevance to contest or Battle readiness (this is where most of the vote weight comes from, the other criteria break ties and help with a best custom category)

Trash talk – By all means lets have a little friendly jabbing at one another to make things interesting. The only thing is that it needs to be kept in character ala pro-wrestling. NO DIRECT INSULTS to custom quality and craftsmanship or it constitutes a DQ. Best Role Play gets a small prize(to be decided by ska_lives and TheVP).

Entries are kept anonymous until the brackets are revealed. Then the fun can begin…just remember all trash talk must be kept in character. No insults are to be directed at the customizer himself or the quality of work. As long as it is in character lets have some fun with it, one-shots, dio-comics, written story. Be creative with it and have fun you never know it might swing you a vote or two!

Best custom – After the tourney is over and the winner crowned a separate poll will be opened to vote for best custom of the competition. This custom will receive a small prize as well. If it happens to be the winner of the tournament also, they may choose to keep or PIF.

All prizes and winners announced 1st of May.


All entries and voting threads will be at



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