TITANS 2×7 ‘Bruce Wayne’ Photos Released!

Titans Ep. 207 — “Bruce Wayne” — Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / ©2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

DC Universe has released a new gallery of photos for the next episode of Titans titled, ‘Bruce Wayne‘. Although this episode is focused on the Caped Crusader, he is not going to be wearing his uniform. Check out the photos and details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. Titans airs Friday’s on the DC Universe Streaming Service!

Episode 7, “Bruce Wayne”
Airing: Friday, October 18 on DC Universe

Tensions are running high at Titans Tower after their most recent encounter with Deathstroke. Kory attempts to learn more about Conner Kent, and Rose tries to help Jason cope with his near-death experience, while the old Titans keep getting mysterious reminders of a past they’d rather forget. As Dick sets out alone to track down Deathstroke, a familiar voice begins to haunt him – taunting him and attempting to guide him back to being the leader the Titans need. With all the strange ongoing happenings and Dick’s continuing to keep the team in the dark, both Jason and the Titans reach a potential breaking point.

TITANS 2×7 ‘Bruce Wayne’ Photos!


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