Transformers Combiner Wars ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘Skywarp’ Review!


Today we have two great video reviews for the brand new Transformers Combiner WarsHot Rod‘ and ‘Skywarp‘ figures. I am personally looking forward to check these out, because I to see how the concept works of using ‘Hot Rod‘ as a combiner. Check out the reviews below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


TFormers forum member koolkollectibleskhai has brought us a couple new videos looking at Generations wave 4’s Rodimus and Skywarp, both recolors of already very excellent molds. In these videos get good looks at both toys, including the head remold on Rodimus. Is it the Rodimus update we’ve always dreamed of? I doubt it! But if you want to see how it turned out anyway, click through and have a look at the embedded videos.



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