Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream Review!


This is not just your run of the mill repaint figure. If you are a fan of Starscream, you definitely will want to give the new Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream a second look. Check out the full Review and Gallery of images when you make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s.


Height: 13.5cm head height.Articulation: 18 points overall- double-jointed neck; 4 points each arm: double-joint shoulder, ball-joint elbow, swivel wrist; 4 points each leg: ball-joint hip, thigh swivel, hinged knee, hinged ankle.Colors: Molded bronze, black, maroon, lavender, and silver. Painted silver, yellow, red, and lavender.Accessories: Non-firing Missiles x2, Thunder Talon.
Release Data: Released February 2013 at an MSRP of $14.99.


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