Hasbro Announces Hascon 2017 Exclusives!

Hasbro is launching their own fan convention this year, and along with it they are giving fans some conventions exclusives from some of their favorite Hasbrotoy properties. Check out the list of items and photos below and sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Early Access Items Star Wars Black Series 6″ Scale – Clone Captain Rex – $20 Exclusives Marvel Legends 6″ Scale – X-Force Deadpool Magic The Gathering – Exclusive 3-Pack with Transformers Grimlock, Nerf Goblin and The Sword of Dungeons and Dragons – $30 My Little Pony –…

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HASCON 2017 First Details Revealed!

Ever since Hasbro shut down the old ‘Botcon’ and announced they would be holding their own convention every year, fans have been wondering what to expect. Today we have the first details on ‘Hascon 2017‘! It looks like a big portion of the convention this year is going to revolve around the Transformers which is to be expected with the new Transformers feature film hitting theaters later this year. Check out what we know so far below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Bigger than Unicron? Yep. Join us…

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