10 Questions With Matt Burneka – CUSTOM ACTION FIGURES: 101

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CUSTOM ACTION FIGURES: 101 – “10 Questions With Matt Burneka”
By Rob Panick


This week on CAF: 101’s “1- Questions” we have Matt Burneka of Dayton, Ohio. During the day, Matt works at his family’s Equipment Rental Store as the outside sales rep. At night he is the proud father of a beautiful little girl. In between all of that, Matt creates killer custom action figure vehicles.


CAF:101 – First off, as I always ask fellow customizers, how long have you been customizing and what got you started?

Matt: Honestly it started about 2 years ago when I was browsing Hisstank.com’s custom joe section. I saw a thread entitled “build a better hiss.” I looked at some and thought, heck I can do that! With a background in painting Warhammer 40K, I felt I had a fair shot at making a V5 crimson hiss into something better.


CAF:101 – What are your favorite things to customize?

Matt: To be honest? I feel guilty in saying, but I go bonkers for v5 hisses! LOL, I can’t seem to buy enough of those……. Also, though anything GiJoe really. As long as it isn’t complete, I won’t touch complete vintage.


CAF:101 – What’s your workspace like?
Matt: Right now? Oh boy…….. messy! Really I try and keep a organized & clean workspace, but that is just an illusion as it is piled high with everything.


CAF:101 – What paints and brushes do you use?
Matt: Paints, well I primarily use Krylon fusion as a primer & main coat. Although I have used Valspar & others on occasion. For fine detail work I use a mix of Citadel, Vallejo & Tamiya. Brushes? Hmm, well I have a couple really nice Tamiya detail brushes, and a bunch of those crappy no name multi pack brushes. Truth be told, I like my crappy multi pack brushes better……


CAF:101 – If you could give advice to someone who is brand new to customizing, what would it be?
Matt: Experiment, simply experiment. Never feel like you are doing it wrong, there is NO right way. Push yourself into trying new techniques, that way each project you gain a wealth of knowledge that will only make you grow as an artist.


CAF:101 – Give us your best “secret trick” you use when customizing.

Matt: Make a paint boo boo? That is what weathering is for! I have hidden so many mistakes while detail painting with a simple ink wash & dry brush. Your eyes can only focus on so much…


CAF:101 – What other things are you into besides customizing?
Matt: Well, this might take awhile, lol. In the summer I am a outdoors person, I actively ride single track mtb trails, go camping and take my toys outside. ( for photoshoots) I actively collect toys with my wife and attend as many toy shows as possible. Also dabble in O gauge model railroading & real life railfaning.


Now it’s time for our handy, dandy Random Question Generator!

CAF:101 -What is the worst job you ever had?
Matt: Food service back in high school. Big pass!


CAF:101- What is your favorite day of the year?
Matt: March 21!! My birthday!


CAF: 101- What is the worst movie that you’ve seen?
Matt: Worst? Hmm, Sharknado I feel can’t count since it is supposed to be bad, so I will say GI Joe Retaliation. Such a bummer they keep crapping on my childhood!!


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