6″ Iron Man Legends “Age Of Ultron” Gold Variant?


An eBay auction has emerged for what appears to be a new 6″ Iron Man Legends “Age of Ultron” Gold Variant. If you collect Legends figures you will definitely want to be on the hunt for this. Check out more on it below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: enewsi via twitter)

Mox Mole Man writes in to let us know about a new eBay auction for what appears to be a gold painted variant of the 6″ Ultron figure being released in Hasbro’s second wave of Iron Man 3 Legends figures. The regular version is painted in the traditional silver Ultron colors while this variant seems to be patterned off the characters look in the “Age Of Ultron” comic book story taking place now in the Marvel Universe.

There has been no official word on this figure from Hasbro and it’s unclear if this will be released as a running change or as a new figure possibly in a 3rd wave with the recently announced Trevor figure. Stay-tuned for more details on this as they become available.


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