These are always fun.All publicity is good publicity I soppose. A “ anonymous source” has reported that the assumed next generation Star Wars 1313 has been “ put on hold“.The game was rumored to star Bobba Fett and was to be a launch game for both Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles.Now with no confirmed next generation console release date,many have simply assumed they would hit between this Nov-Dec. Now if this “launch” game does in fact get pushed back,it will be interesting to see what other game gets moved up for launch.Fact is ,gamers need a game to get them excited and to pull out their wallets for a new console.

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Website Kotaku has run a story that, citing anonymous sources, claims that LucasArts has put the Star War 1313 project on hold.

In the Kotaku article, which is based on information from three separate sources, the game – which made a splash at last year’s E3 – has lost momentum following Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts. It’s said the game may now slip well past its original 2013 release date. LucasArts wouldn’t speak about the game to Kotaku, other to say that is hasn’t been canceled (which isn’t exactly the same thing as “actively in development”)

For more details, check out the original Kotaku article.

Star Wars 1313 was thought to be headed for next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft and was supposedly set to star Boba Fett.


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