A Look Back at the Star Wars ‘Mustafar’ Playset with Mitchell Smith!

Welcome everyone, Today I’m taking a look at my 2006 Star Wars Revenge of the Sith final dual Mustafar playset. This is an awesome set and has tons of features including balls of lava, breakaway towers, and many places to battle. I also have an Anakin in burnt form. The final moments of his life as Anakin.

My son and I had hours of fun with this so there is some wear on it, a piece or two missing but lots of great memories battling each other.

There is a lot to enjoy about this playset and with ‘Kenobi‘ set to drop this weekend Star Wars fans are finally going to get to see Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen reunited as we get to see the untold story of how their relationship continued following the battle on Mustafar. Hopefully we will get some new action figures based on this show. I know I am keeping my fingers crossed. Just remember, the most important life lesson is to always have the high ground!


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