‘Action Man’ Movie Hires a Director!

Deadline has announced that James Bobin is set to direct a proposed Action Man movie to be written by Simon Farnaby.
Paramount Players Brian Robbin’s led division is working on the concept. It remains to be seen what kind of angle that the movie will take but with the director of the Muppets Most Wanted and Alice Through the Looking Glass working with a comedy actor/writer who has worked on both family fare like Paddington and dark comedy like Horror Histories and Quacks my guess is they are shooting for a kid oriented comedy with that kind of team at the helm.

The character in the short lived Action Man comic was an adventurous teen who befriended the Autobot Kup and found himself in the middle of the invasion by Dire Wraiths. He worked in concert with the G.I.Joe team to stop Baron Karza and VENOM’s Miles Mayhem from accomplishing their evil goals. Are you excited for an Action Man movie? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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