Actor Rick Cosnett Talks ‘THE FLASH’!


The Villain Rick Cosnett finally speaks or so we think. Actor Rick Cosnett who plays Detective Eddie Thawne in CW’s ‘The Flash’, sheds some light on his role today. Will he be Reverse Flash? Check out the interview below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Who is Reverse-Flash? Is it Detective Eddie Thawne, the cop who is friendly towards Barry but seems to delight in showing off his relationship with Iris West in front of the young forensic sceintist? Or, is it the mysterious Harrison Wells, a man who we know is faking his injury, has killed, and also has the ability to look into The Flash’s future? We don’t know, and actor Rick Cosnett isn’t giving anything away! “I hate to say too much,” he laughed when asked by The Hollywood Reporter about Thawne’s (sinister?) motivations. “I’m always dancing around what people really want to hear because it’s really intriguing, the whole mystery and history behind Eddie Thawne. I have a clear trajectory. The writers have dropped bombs on me as we’ve sort of gone along, but Eddie is very much the opposite of Barry. The audience is very much in the dark and Eddie, at the moment, is very much in the dark. It’s fascinating to play the state of not knowing.”

The actor apparently avoided mentioning either Reverse-Flash or Professor Zoom, but he did promise that there’s a lot more to Eddie than meets the eye! “Let’s just say, things happen very quickly within the first nine episodes. What I can say is everyone is going to fall in love with Barry because it’s Grant Gustin, he’s so much the underdog, he has these endearing flaws and you feel sorry for [Barry]. But I’m putting up a really strong case for Eddie. I even love Wells and all of his awful, angry flaws. (Laughs.) Getting back to your question, I can’t say who wins but things happen fast.” The coversation took a lighter turn when the Cosnett revealed that we’ll see a double date between Barry and Felicity and Iris and Eddie! “It was so fun to shoot. In our cafe, Jitters, we have a little balcony area and Jesse [L. Martin] was sitting up there [during filming] and he just couldn’t stop laughing every time we cut. There’s flirting, people are secretly sweating, some people are oblivious to what’s going on. From the moment Felicity walks in, it’s all on. It’s fascinating to see all of these characters being thrown together in a mixer and see what color comes out. There’s going to be a lot of feeling sorry for people and a lot of stumbling. (Laughs.) People are going to be ‘shipping all sorts of crossovers. I think there’s going to be a lot of that happening, especially with the double date.” What do you guys think of these comments?

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