Actress Devon Aoki Cast as ‘Katana’ in Arrow Season 3!


Latest news out today for the third season of WB’s ‘Arrow‘ is that Sin City actress Devon Aoki will be playing the role of ‘Katana‘. What do you think about this addition to the cast? Sound off after the JUMP and let us know  your thoughts!

(Source: newsarama)

After being introduced in multimedia to the general public through the animated series Beware the Batman, Katana is coming to live action in the 2014-2015 season. The character will be a recurring guest star on Arrow in season 3 of the CW hit, played by Devon Aoki.

Assuming she dons her alter ego’s identity, and not just that of the casting notice, Tatsu Yamashiro, we should see Aoki wielding her signature Katana – something comic book fans have already seen the actor do on screen in Sin City as Miho. According to Deadline, Tatsu will be primarily in the flashback sequences, as one of Oliver’s instructors now that he’s in Hong Kong under watch of Amanda Waller and ARGUS, as revealed in the season finale.

In the Green Arrow comic book that the show gains inspiration from, Arrow and Katana were recently revealed as both being connected to a secret organization known as the Outsiders, with multiple clans each representing (and represented by) their weapon of choice, including The Arrow Clan, The Sword Clan, The Fist, and others. While that deeper mythological connection will probably stay off TV, it does set a recent precedent for the two heroes working together on the printed page.



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