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Tune in to Fox tonight at 7pm for an all new episode of ‘Gotham‘. Tonight’s episode titled, ‘Knock Knock‘ pits James Gordon against the six Villains that were released from Arkham in Episode 1. Check out the new trailer and synopsis for Gotham Season 2 Episode 2, ‘Knock Knock‘ and let us know what you think after the

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Where the world sees criminal lunatics, Theo Galavan (James Frain) sees potential. It’s a new day for the Gotham City Police Department, but the new day could end up being a dark one as villains straight out of Arkham Asylum are running loose in “Gotham” Season 2, episode 2.

Six inmates have escaped Arkham and it will be up to Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and new police commissioner Capt. Sarah Essen (Zabryna Guevara) to find the villains on the Fox drama. After learning his former partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) decided to step away from being a police officer, can Gordon and Essen find a way to recruit him back to help with the case?

The synopsis for episode 2, titled “Knock, Knock,” reveals that Galavan will be plotting his next move with his band of misfits. But what exactly will that entail? With Gordon’s ex-girlfriend Barbara (Erin Richards) in his arsenal, Galavan also has his sister Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) and Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan). Valeska appears to be the craziest of the lunatics with his laugh and evil appearance. Many speculate that he’s an early Joker before he comes of age. We’ll see if this is the case as the season goes on.

After finding the note from his father in his secret office, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) will turn to an old friend to try and uncover more secrets as to what his father was up to in the mysterious space behind the fireplace in his study. Bruce will also work on unearthing what is on the computer in the secret office and what his father meant by “a greater calling.”

Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) continues to slip into insanity, but he still has strong feelings for Kristin Kringle (Chelsea Spack). However, Kringle was suspicious of Nygma in Season 1 after her boyfriend supposedly left her, only leaving a note. As we all know, Nygma snapped, killed her boyfriend and then covered it up. In episode 2, Nygma will consider finally asking her out on a date.

The promo video following episode 1 showed a brief preview of what’s to come this season. Barbara is shown talking to Theo Galavan, saying, “So you’re going to take over Gotham by releasing a bunch of loonies … awesome plan.” Glimpses of police battling villains in the streets are featured, as well as the first look at actor Michael Chiklis as Capt. Nathaniel Barnes. Valeska’s laugh also can be heard throughout and the video comes to an end with him saying, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” before he cackles into the camera.



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