All of DC Universe’s Shows Moving to HBO Max!

With DC’s major cutbacks recently, and with the announcement that the DC Universe Streaming Service is ending, it has left fans wondering what will happen to their favorite shows from the network. It looks like we have good news to report on that front today as Jim Lee has announced that the shows will be moving over to HBO Max. Read more below on what we know so far and sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Source: Comicbookmovie

“The original content that is on DCU is migrating to HBO Max,’ said Lee. “Truthfully, that’s the best platform for that content. The amount of content you get, not just DC , but generally from WarnerMedia, is huge and it’s the best value proposition, if I’m allowed to use that marketing term. We feel that is the place for that.”

“In regards to the community and experience that DCU created, and all the backlist content, something like 20.000 to 25,000 different titles, and the way it connected with fans 24-7, there is always going to be a need for that,” added Lee. “So we’re excited to transform it and we’ll have more news on what that will look like. It’s definitely not going away.”

HBO Max has already picked up Doom Patrol and the Harley Quinn animated series from DC Universe. But both series are also without official renewals. Stargirl will be back for a second season on The CW. However, it will no longer stream on DC Universe after season 1.

That leaves Titans and Young Justice for HBO Max as well. Titans season 3 was slated to premiere on DC Universe later this year. Additionally, Young Justice was renewed for a fourth season. But it’s unclear if production on the fourth season has even started production.


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