‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’: 5 Marvelous Team-Ups


Yesterday we brought you the news that there is a good chance old Spider-Man will be teaming up with another super hero in the next Amazing Spider-Man Movie. Who would be a good choice, below we look at 5 team ups that would make good choices. Check them out and share your opinion on it after the JUMP!

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If you read into what “Amazing Spider-Man 2” producer Avi Arad had to say about next summer’s Spidey film, it seems guaranteed that the wall-crawler will eventually get some super hero help on the big screen.

“I’d rather not answer that at this point,” producer Avi Arad told Den of Geek when asked if Spider-Man was destined to fly solo in the series. “This is what the word ‘spoiler’ means… We want to always leave the audience with a couple of surprises.” Director Marc Webb has already said that “Amazing Spider-Man 4” could feature any number of Spider-Friends, so introducing them in “ASM 2” would make sense. Plus, Spider-Man is known for having best buds; he headlined the “Marvel Team-Up” comic book for thirteen years and had a cartoon called “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.” It’s a shame the hero’s swung solo in every one of his movies.

With that in mind, here are five heroes we want to see Spider-Man team-up with in his new franchise!

Black Cat
Black Cat
There are already rumors that Felicity Jones will be playing Felicia Hardy—a.k.a. the Black Cat—in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” so this could be what Arad is referring to. As her name and similarity to another female feline comic book character would suggest, Black Cat’s a cat burglar who only adheres to her own agenda. Sometimes that leads her to team-up with Spider-Man, sometimes it doesn’t. But this is a character that could easily appear in multiple movies playing multiple roles.

It’s probably safe to say that vampires aren’t going anywhere soon, so why not introduce Spider-Man’s own vampy friend, Michael Morbius? Even though Morbius was created in response to the Comics Code Authority lifting their ban on occult characters in 1971, he still had to have his vampiric tendencies toned down. Dr. Michael Morbius became the “living vampire” through a science experiment gone wrong, and gained superhuman strength, speed, and the ability to fly. After vowing to only drink the blood of the guilty, Morbius became strained allies with Spider-Man on numerous occasions.

Anya Corazon
The heroine also known as Spider-Girl would allow filmmakers to show Peter Parker’s growth as a hero; just imagine Spider-Man taking on a sidekick, Anya, after she gets all powered up with super strength and an exoskeleton by the mystical Spider Society. Anya hasn’t had much to do with Spider-Man in the comics (she usually pals around with Carol Danvers and other teen heroes), so their pairing would be a totally original development.

Silver Sable
Silver Sable
If Black Cat is trouble, then Silver Sable’s double trouble. In addition to being the CEO of Silver Sable International, Silver Sablinova is also a ruthless mercenary and war criminal hunter. When Silver Sable crosses your path, she means business and business. She lacks super powers but more than makes up for it with her excellent hand-to-hand combat skills and proficiency with pretty much every weapon known. She also leads the merc group called the Wild Pack, which could be a great way to squeeze in a few more of Spidey’s supporting cast—like Puma or Rocket Racer.

Saturday Night Live
The Cast of “Saturday Night Live”
There’s probably no quicker way to date a movie than by referencing a specific cast from the show with a lightning-fast turnover rate, but Spider-Man has a history with “SNL”! Spider-Man originally teamed up with the Not Ready For Prime Time Players in “Marvel Team-Up” #74 from 1978. In the issue, Peter and MJ attend a taping of the show (host: Stan Lee, musical guest: the Hulk’s sidekick Rick Jones), which of course gets crashed by the Silver Samurai and his gang. Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner all help Spidey defeat the shiny super villain. Spider-Man is New York City, and it doesn’t get much more NYC than “Saturday Night Live.” Make it happen, if only so Spider-Man can have guilt-ridden and complicated feelings towards Bobby Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle character.


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