Another TV Spinoff from ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ in the Works?


If you love CW’s ‘Arrow’ and are really stoked about the new ‘FlashTV series, you are going to really be excited about the little tidbit of news we have today on the possibility of another DC Character show spin-off! Check out the news below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: superherohype)

When “Arrow” returns for its third season in just a few weeks it will be the day after its very own spin-off series “The Flash” premiered its very first episode. DC Entertainment is stacking up their heroes on television in a big way with “Gotham” on FOX, “Constantine” on NBC, “Supergirl” in development at CBS and “Titans” in development at TNT, though at this time the only connected pieces are the shows on The CW. Could we see that web of shared continuity continue to grow?

Speaking with AdWeek, The CW President Mark Pedowitz was asked about the potential for further spin-offs from these two shows, to which he replied:

“What you’ll see embedded in Flash and Arrow is that we’ll have the ability to test characters out. Is there room to grow them into the next show? I cannot tell you yet. There are discussions going on.”

“Arrow” alone has already introduced a number of characters that expanded The CW’s DCU, and it would appear “The Flash” is aiming to do the same thing. What characters would you like to see get a spin-off on The CW?

“The Flash” will premiere on Tuesday, October 7, and “Arrow” will follow on Wednesday, October 8.

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