AQUAMAN 2 To begin Shooting This Summer!

For those of us who have been looking forward to the sequel of Aquaman we have some exciting news to report today. According to Aquaman 2 star Dolph Lundgren, the movie is slated to start filming this summer in London. As of now the film is scheduled to hit theaters December 16, 2022. Check out more details from the interview below and share your thoughts!


“[Aquaman] was certainly a new experience. The only water I ever saw was in my bottle of Evian that I drank. There was no water on set. It was really very dry,” Lundgren said. “So you hang in the harness all day — five, six, seven, eight hours a day — and you move your legs in a certain way, you talk, and you move around, and then your hair is added later in the computer. So it’s very, very tedious, but it’s a different experience. And it was fun to work with all the great actors — there’s [Willem] Dafoe, and Patrick Wilson, and of course, Jason Momoa.”

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