Arrow Showrunner Teases Sn. 6 Character Fates!

Following the shocking conclusion of Arrow Season 5, in which nearly every character on the show was trapped on an island that exploded, fans have speculated many outcomes. Will the show be doing a hard reboot and killing everyone off? Will everyone survive? One thing that people have not considered is a possible 3rd option. Arrow Showrunner Marc Guggenheim delves into some interesting possibilities in a recent interview. Check out what he has to say below and let us know how you think the show should proceed AFTER THE JUMPArrow returns this fall on a new night and time Thursday’s at 8pm Central on the CW
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“A lot of the discussion that we’ve had and a lot of the discussion we’ve seen online is very binary — people either live or they’ll die,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told EW’s Superhero Insider. “There are other consequences that can come out of what happened at the end of [episode] 523. While everyone is focused on one thing, you know us on Arrow, we may be doing something else.”




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