‘Atom’ Spin-Off Series coming to The CW?


With the new ‘Arrow‘ spin-off series ‘The Flash‘ being such a smash hit, it seems that CW is ready to add another super hero show to their lineup going forward. The word is that ‘Atom‘ may be getting his own series very soon on the CW. Not only this, but it has all but been confirmed that the hugely popular Arrow/Flash Crossover will be a yearly event. For more details on this check out the news below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: newsarama)

CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed earlier today that we may end up getting another DC Comics TV series on The CW, and based on comments from Greg Berlanti, The Atom could be it! We also have news on yearly crossovers, as well as much more on what’s to come in Arrow and The Flash…

The crossover between Arrow and The Flash was a hit, so another seems inevitable. While that won’t be happening during the current seasons of each show, could the two heroes meet up again sometime soon? Yes! The plan according to CW President Mark Pedowitz is to have them being a regular event each Fall/Winter, similar to the popular Doctor Who Christmas Special episodes.

There’s also been talks of expanding this growing corner of the DC Universe, with Pedowitz adding: “We are having some preliminary discussions about expanding [that] universe, but we have not vetted them out. Could there be another hour in that universe? Possibly. As long as there’s no audience fatigue.” We already know that Supergirl might show in one of the shows despite it being on CBS, but why didn’t that series end up on The CW anyway? “We were aware of it,” he adds. “You don’t want to become just one thing.” What then could the third show end up being? Well, Arrow and The Flash exec producer Greg Berlanti expanded on this by revealing that they’re in “very early talks” about a “very general idea” for an Atom spinoff starring Brandon Routh!

It’s obviously early days though, and much of this will likely depend on how well The Atom is received when Ray Palmeer finally suits up in Arrow. How would you guys feel about a show starring the pint-sized superhero? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts in the usual place!



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