Avengers Assemble Wasp Statue by Sideshow Collectibles!

Sideshow Collectibles has now opened up pre-orders for their new Avengers Assemble Wasp Statue! This epic offering is 1/5 scale will stand about 18″ tall and the price is $390. Check out the photos and more details on the Wasp statue below and if you like what you see, follow the link below and get your order in!

Avengers Assemble Wasp Statue – CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS!

Beware her sting! Sideshow is proud to present the winsome Wasp Statue as the newest member of the Avengers Assemble collection, inspired by some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes.

Founding Avenger Janet Van Dyne is known for her larger than life attitude and her dynamic ability to shrink and fly. As the Wasp, she brings her bioelectric energy into every battle, joining her teammates in the fray in 1:5 scale.

The stylish superheroine is dressed in her black costume with yellow accents on the feet, hands, and the insectoid armor design on her torso. Her portrait is sculpted with windswept hair and a confident expression, giving off that effortless flair that Janet is famous for.

The Wasp Statue stands 18” tall from the tip of her detailed, translucent wings to the bottom of her base, which is bursting with blue energy as she takes flight. The cracked earth on Wasp’s proximity base allows you to display her alongside the rest of the Avengers Assemble series to create an expanded environment, or let her fly solo in your Marvel collection.

The Exclusive Edition of the Wasp Statue includes a miniature helmeted Wasp which stands 4” tall, showing the diminutive Van Dyne utilizing her Pym Particle powers. Show her alongside the Wasp Statue to get the full effect of her shrinking abilities, or add the smaller heroine into a larger Avengers lineup as a unique display option.

See what all the buzz is about and add the Wasp Statue to your Marvel collection today!


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