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Avengers: Infinity War ‘Vision’ Life Size Bust by Queen Studios!

Queen Studios has released photos and details for their stunning new Avengers: Infinity War – Vision Life Size Bust. This Vision Bust is 26″ tall, and features a light up LED Mind Stone, and a fabric cape. Limited to only 398, this offering is priced at $1,065. Pre-Orders are now open with the product expected to arrive in the First Quarter of 2022. Check out the photos and more details below and share your thoughts!

Avengers: Infinity War – Vision Life Size Bust

“Well… I was born yesterday” ―Vision

About The Character
The superhuman android known as Vision was created by Ultron, in Doctor Helen Cho’s Regeneration Cradle in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But it was Tony Stark and Bruce Banner that gave him life. An amalgamation of Stark’s AI, J.A.R.V.I.S, Wakandan Vibranium and the Mind Stone. Each part acts as a cog to the machine that is Vision. The AI his personality, the Vibranium his body, and the Mind Stone the lifeblood that powers him.

Since then, Vision has been a crucial member of the team, and one of the most popular characters co-starring in the WandaVision TV show.

To celebrate this incredible character, the Queen Studios team has crafted this limited edition 1/1 collectible bust.

About The Bust
To make the 1/1 Vision Bust so life-like, our design team have accounted for every minute detail. Through trial and error, they have formulated a movie accurate crimson finish with straight lined detailing to make it look like he was created not by man, but by machine. Though this is time-consuming, it is worth every second. The crimson body panels create a contrast against Vision’s teal suit with dulled silver edges. While the base is black with golden accents and has been kept minimal to represent the simple yet logical nature of the character.

Many of you offered your feedback in 2020 regarding what you would like to see featured on the bust. In response to your thoughts, we made some major changes. The first big change is a light feature within the Mind Stone. It has added a much-needed aesthetic to the bust. The other important change is the addition of a cape. More specifically, the one Vision fashioned out of thin air after his birth during Age of Ultron.

Avengers: Infinity War ‘Vision’ Life Size Bust by Queen Studios!


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