Barbara Gordon as Batgirl Re-invisioned!


Batman is always going through changes and evolution’s when it comes to his look. Well what about the commissioners daughter? Isn’t it high time she received some new threads? In “Project: Rooftop” below some top notch artists have set out to do just that. Check out some new looks for Batgirl below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!
(Source: blastr)

When a new writer/artist team takes over a cape-and-tights book, one thing that commonly happens is that they redesign the hero’s uniform. Sometimes it’s a minor change, others a complete reinvention.

And if there’s one thing that is a constant source of debate, it’s the costumes for female superheroes in particular. Sure, it’s also often the portrayal of those characters’ bodies as well, but let’s sidestep that minefield for a moment and just focus on simply making a good costume for a great DC hero.

Batgirl. In particular, Barbara Gordon.

And that’s what Project: Rooftop, a site that brings an editorial design eye to superhero costumes, has done with its latest series, Batgirl Begins Again. They did this once before, way back in 2005, and, now they’ve opened things up again for pro and amateur artists alike to submit what they think is the best costume for Babs.

And the top three results are genuinely outstanding. From sweet hip holsters to a brilliant reinvention of the batcape, all the way up to some really nifty sonic bat ears, the artists P:R selected really knock it out of the park. Each one brings at least one thing I really, really love to the character’s design.

So check out the gallery below, and then head on over to P:R for a full breakdown of exactly why they chose these three.


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