Batman: The Animated Series ‘Scarecrow’ Figure Revealed!


Today DC has revealed the latest figure in their epic Batman: The Animated Series line. Check out one of Gotham’s most notorious villains ‘The Scarecrow‘ below, and let us know what you think about this latest offering AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: newsarama)

DC is in the midsts of unveiling its new addtions to the popular Batman: The Animated Series action figure line, and today’s reveal is perhaps the scariest one yet.

An action figure for Scarecrow has been revealed as the first figure in the fifth wave of the Batman: The Animated Series toyline. Eagle-eyed fans will recall that this Scarecrow design is actually from New Batman Adventures, but is still considered part of the larger Batman: TAS universe and the “Timm-verse” as it’s known colliquolly. Scarecrow appeared in the original Batman: TAS in a previous design, but when New Batman Adventures came about the character was overhauled by Bruce Timm to become scarier.

DC says that this figure will be released this coming fall, and plan reveals of more additions to the Batman: TAS figure line including Bane, Croc, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Zatanna, Firefly and the Ventrioloquist.



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