Batman Year Zero Statue by Prime 1 Studio Pre-Orders Open!

Pre-Orders are now open for Prime 1 Studio’s new DC Comics – Batman Year Zero 1/3 Scale Statue. Batman stands 25″ inches tall and a crossbow for his back, a right arm with an open hand, and a swap out right arm holding the crossbow. An Exclusive Version will also be available. That version includes a swap out right arm holding a grappling hook. The price for this offering is $1,599 and it is slated for release between May and July of 2020. Check out more details and all the images below, and let us know if you will be picking one up AFTER THE JUMP!

Ultimate Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) Batman Zero Year
Ultimate Museum Masterline Batman (Comics) Batman Zero Year EX Version

“Maybe that’s what Batman is about. Not winning. But failing, and getting back up. Knowing he’ll fail, fail a thousand times, but still won’t give up”
– Scott Snyder, Batman, Volume 5: Zero Year: Dark City

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present UMMDC-01: Batman Zero Year from DC Comics. The story is intended to redefine the origin of Batman in The New 52, being a fresh story unconnected to other interpretations. Before the Batcave and Robin, The Joker and the Batmobile, there was ZERO YEAR. The Riddler has plunged Gotham City into darkness. A younger Bruce Wayne who returns to challenge a city that’s already being crushed under the weight of a new kind of crime. How will a young Dark Knight bring his beloved hometown from the brink of chaos and madness and back into the light? This Ultimate Museum Masterline Batman Zero Year statue riding on his bike comes with an extra interchangeable right-arm holding the Crossbow. The Exclusive version of UMMDC-01EX: Batman Zero Year includes an additional right-hand holding a Grapple Hook. Batman Fans don’t miss your chance to own this Batman on his bike into your collections.

Product Specifications
– Statue Size approximately 25 inches tall [(H):63.8cm (W):61.6cm (D):68.3cm]
– Statue Size approx. 27 inches tall with Crossbow [(H):69.2cm (W):61.6cm (D):68.3cm]
– One (1) designed theme base
– One (1) interchangeable Right-arm open hand
– One (1) interchangeable Right-arm holding the Crossbow
– One (1) Right-hand holding the Grapple Hook (In the Exclusive Version Only)

Batman Year Zero Statue by Prime 1 Studio

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